Text Message Advertising

February 6, 2018

Digital marketing has evolved within the last decade or so. In the first decade in the new millennia email assumed probably the most cost-effective and dominating way of marketing. Marketers were head over heels trying to find genuine 100% opt-in subscriber list. Cut for the lover with the second decade and emails shall no longer be the dominating kind of marketing. With all the advent and penetration of smartphones and rapid dissemination of 3G mobile speed in even most backward sectors from the Asian markets, smartphones have got that spot. ... Read more …


February 6, 2018

Signing on a new customer isn’t the end of your transaction. Goods fact it does not take beginning of a whole new relationship. Emailing your customers and keeping in contact is simply taking your small business to a higher level. At every step you are engaging your customer, letting him / her know your latest offers as well as the launch of new products and also updates about the existing ones. ... Read more …

Send Email to SMS / OTP SMS System API

February 6, 2018

Small enterprises, or people who find themselves not technically minded nor want to work with a dedicated technical guy to manage such tasks in-house usually outsource their chores to temp staff. These are individuals who may not be sitting in exactly the same physical workspace because business proprietor himself but would very much be a part of the organization, getting access to the business’s web backend capable to add, edit or delete chunks of code when necessary. ... Read more …